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Christopher W. Schinstock

Christopher Schinstock is widely regarded today as one of the top divorce and family law lawyers in the metropolitan Washington region. Well-liked and respected by peers and rivals from his arrival in the region in the mid-90s, Schinstock owns a reputation as a diligent and thorough lawyer with strong litigation skills, something of a lost art in this age of confrontation-averse lawyering. Moreover, unlike many lawyers today, he’s comfortable with complex legal issues, and articulates them clearly. After several decades¬†with a leading divorce-law firm based in Alexandria, Schinstock recently launched his own practice, also in Alexandria.

Kyle F. Bartol

An experienced litigator who has been practicing law since 1998, Kyle F. Bartol handles the full range of family law cases, including high net worth property distribution cases. He is highly experienced in circuit court and juvenile family law court matters, representing clients in Virginia courts on matters involving property division, business valuations, spousal support, child support, support modification, divorce, custody, settlement agreements, premarital agreements, post-marital agreements, mediation and appeals. At both the appellate and trial level, Mr. Bartol has participated in all aspects of contested family law matters. Through negotiation, mediation and litigation, Mr. Bartol consistently achieves favorable results with as little stress as possible for his clients.

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